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Hello! My name is Sally and I live in a small ‘Archers-esque’ village in Warwickshire with my husband and three children. I spent time during my childhood living in rural France which sparked my love for the countryside. We recently bought a completely crazy love-at-first-sight Victorian house which we are slowly renovating – slowly being the important word there! We have a 15 year plan.

Sable Fern came about as almost a direct result of my love for our house and garden. Once extremely loved but fallen into disrepair, I felt I had to document the journey we were taking and tell the story of Thornfield House. I had also started up a small business, mainly with textiles and I felt I could incorporate the business, the house, the garden and my love of baking, cooking and all things homely. And so here we are! A little space to share my loves with you.

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When I was growing up, my parents had many many photographs on the wall at the top of the stairs. One of the frames was filled with very old pictures of various family members in ‘interesting’ period clothing. One of the photos was of ‘Sable Fern’, a music hall star and actress in the late 1800’s, and my great aunt. She is the person in our family with the most interesting of stories (although, being born over 100 years before me I obviously didn’t experience these stories first hand) and I have always been intrigued by the young girl who changed her name, sailed around the world and caused controversy in a time when it was unusual for women to do so. And so I have borrowed her stage name for my blog, simply because it feels right.

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What I’m loving (at the moment) –

*Shoes. Always shoes. I love shoes.
*Cake. No explanation required.
*Flamingo wallpaper (serious bathroom plans with this).
*Cups of tea. Lots.
*Poppies. If I see a nice poppy growing in someone’s garden I just have to knock on the door and ask for some seeds. I’m going to plant an entire poppy garden!
*Jam. Making it, eating it, I’m quite obsessed with jam.
*The children’s drawings. They always have a place on the fridge.
*Lists. I am a serial list maker. I’m not entirely sure its productive, as I spend more time list making than I do doing but hey, it feels good and organised.

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Here you’ll find a little bit of everything, from home decorating projects to yummy recipes, crafty DIYs and what shoes I’m wearing that week (I seriously love shoes. I could document my life in shoes). So a big welcome! I hope you enjoy it.

My posts will sometimes contain affiliate links, this means I receive a kick back each time an item is purchased. Not all the posts contain them and I only link to products and items I love regardless.