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Organisation for the disorganised, inspirational workspace 

Organisation for the disorganised, inspirational workspace 

I can’t lie and I can’t hide it, I am disorganised. I’m a classic type B person, if you choose to believe such things, so perhaps I’ll go with ‘relaxed’ and ‘laid back’ rather than disorganised. But however you look at it, I can’t find things when I need them, everything looks untidy and it just makes my head hurt. So over on Pinterest I’ve been looking for inspirational workspaces to help me get things under control.

Light and bright with some colour and lots of lovely pictures and nicknacks and some practical storage are the things I was looking for.

So this is my space. It’s not perfect and I want to add a few things (like a peg board to the right where I can hang up all my tape, pen pots, scissors and notebooks) and I need to revamp and up cycle my desk! I bought the desk for a whopping £3 from a jewellers that was closing down and I love it but it needs a make over. The tissue paper tassel garland I bought home from the Blogcademy I went to a few weeks ago. They were just throwing them away! And as a self confessed hoarder I couldn’t let that happen. Plus, they’re so pretty!

I need a pinboard as it’s where I pin little bits of inspiration but also everything that I need to do that day, week or month. The one by my sewing machine is full so I decided to split it up and having sewing tasks on my sewing pin board and admin tasks on this one. I made it look a little less plain just by using some pink cut out washi tape (similar here) around the edges. Simple but effective!

I love this quote so much, I found it in a magazine and thought it was perfect just above my desk as a little reminder. I’ve even added a plant – it’s like an actual, proper, grown up working space where grown ups do work and get stuff done. But with added glitter pencils and rainbows and unicorns.

So I’m hoping my lovely workspace will help me to stay focused and organised. I’m sure that over the next few months the pictures above the desk will grow, I’ll swap things around and add and take away and change things until I find what works. And I will revamp the desk!