Whimsy Woo hobby horse pattern review – stitch your own best friend! 

Whimsy Woo hobby horse pattern review – stitch your own best friend! 

Both of our small human children love thundering around on hobby horses but I didn’t think the shop bought ones reflected their style and personalities. So I was on a mission to stitch them some best friends.

I decided to have a quick look online before I embarked on drafting my own pattern. To be honest, I could have done this myself but sometimes it’s just nice to have someone to hold your hand, guide you through and not have to worry about anything. Tried and tested! So quickly into my search I came across the Whimsy Woo pattern by Emma Marie. I mean, look at these horses. Who can resist??

All the ‘wooies’ above were made by Joanne over at Cherry Blossom and they’re just gorgeous! She’s made over 100 wooies, yes, over 100! And look! There’s even a wooicorn.

So I’d had this pattern about a year before I’d even printed it out. I procrastinate like to prepare, take my time and think things through. Yes. Anyway, the first two I made were for a friend’s twins birthday, I made one more ‘girly’ and one more ‘boyish’. The pattern was simple, well written and, if there is a tricky bit (like sewing the bloody ears on) there is a wealth of help on YouTube or the wooie Facebook page! Mine took 3-4 hours each. All the materials you need are clearly listed at the beginning so it is easy to gather these in advance – DO THIS! Don’t just wing it, honestly do not think ‘pfffft, I can sew these buttons with a normal needle, I don’t need a doll needle’ (what kind of an idiot would think that *cough* me) – you need a doll needle. A really long one.

If you’re a beginner and thinking ‘I love it… But I can’t sew!’ Never fear! This pattern is really good for anyone of any level because you can add as much or as little as you like. Read the instructions, take your time.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photographs of the two I’d made because I totally ran out of time and just finished stitching 10 minutes before the party the lighting was pretty bad. But I have collected a selection of photographs from some amazingly talented makers – this show just how diverse this pattern is, that you can really go wild with your imagination and create *exactly* what you want.

Above the top two are created by Georgie Porge, I mean… Look at them. Look! They are works of art. And they take hours, hours and hours but they are amazing! The wool mane and floral headbands are super special too and Emma (a different Emma to the Whimsy Woo pattern creator) has created her own tutorial so you can have a go too! You can find those here.

The bottom two wooies are by Kim over at Kim’s Peanut Gallery. I think Kim makes the most wooies out of everyone I’ve ever seen, she is always busy making beautiful ponies for her customers. She even makes adorable little carrots, feedbags and apples!

I love the superhero mask on this wooie, I think both my children would adore this idea! He’s by Vanessa over at  Leviolets Lovelies, he even has a name!

I’ve seen this pattern be adapted for making dragons and dinosaurs, sea horses and everything from Cowboys to princesses. Made to match dresses, bedroom decor and even really mini ones! The possibilities are endless.

The next one I’m planning, which I will take photos of and share with you all, is for our girl child. Her favourite colours is blue and she picked out some Fairy Frost by Michael Miller which is super sparkly. I collected all the other bits together and I think it’ll make a lovely Wooie.

You can buy the Whimsy Woo pattern here (along with add ones for a Wooicorn and masks)

The beautiful wool mane and floral headband tutorials are available here

I’d love to see if you make one!

love Sally

4 Responses to Whimsy Woo hobby horse pattern review – stitch your own best friend! 

  1. Emma Marie says:

    Wow! Thank you so much! The talent of the people that have purchased my pattern blows my mind on a daily basis!!

  2. Joanne Turner says:

    Wonderful review Sally you just forgot one small thing… how wonderfully addictive they are

  3. Margie Medeiros says:

    Beautiful horses! Thank you Sally for bringing this bit of joy to our attention! Congratulations Emma Marie for such a delightful pattern. And a BIG thank you to the ladies that shared photos of their inspiring creations!

  4. Nancy Herring says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Wooies! I have owned the pattern for a LONG time and have been waiting (procrastinating) until my grand daughter is old enough. She is almost 2 now and I better start before she is ready for college!

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